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Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana

Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana

Yojana : Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana details. The Central Government has adopted Dr. for social integration by encouraging inter-caste marriages. Savitaben Ambedkar Intercaste Marriage Assistance Scheme started. The main objective of the scheme is to appreciate the socially bold step of inter-caste marriage.

If their is married Women/Male in your family then you can also get benefit of Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana. This scheme was launched by by state government .For all Our state’s married women/man .You also can get benefit of Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana.

Socially and educationally backward class and backward class adolescent girls Assistance is given on the occasion of marriage.

Who can get benefit of Yojana?

  • Married Women/Male Can get benefit
  • One person in the marriage couple should be a Scheduled Caste and the other should be a Hindu upper caste.

Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana

State NameGujarat
Planning CategoryState Government
Beneficiary eligibility Scheduled Caste (SC)
Relief fundRupee. 2,50,000/- (Rs. 1,00,000/- and Rs. 1,50,000/-)
Apply ModeOnline

What You get

Under Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Inter-caste Marriage Assistance Scheme, Rs. Assistance of Rs. 1,00,000/- in small savings in the joint name of husband and wife in the form of gift certificate and Rs. 1,50,000/- to purchase home appliances, totaling Rs. An assistance amount of Rs. 2,50,000/- is provided.

Age Limit

Female18 Years +
Male21 Years +


Certain eligibility for Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Intercaste Marriage Assistance Scheme has been prescribed by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and Director Scheduled Caste Welfare Department. Which are as follows.

The marriage should be inter-caste in nature. The draft of this scheme states that the boy or girl should have a Scheduled Caste certificate. If the boy belongs to Scheduled Caste, the girl should not be from the same caste, and vice versa.

The bride and groom must have attained legal age. If the girl is below 18 years of age and the boy is below 21 years of age, they will not get approval. In other words, each must have attained legal age to enter into a marital relationship.

The application must be made within one year of the marriage. Interested and eligible candidates must apply before completion of one year of marriage.

Income Criteria It is specified that the total income of the wife and husband on an annual basis should not exceed Rs 5 lakh. If one of the partners is employed, he should not earn more than this amount. However, there is no income limit under the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

According to the Hindu Marriage Act, marriage must follow all the rules mentioned in the Hindu Marriage Act under the Constitution of India.

Grant only for first marriage? This welfare scheme is applicable only for those girls and boys who are getting married for the first time. If either of them has been married before then they will not be stopped from receiving financial grants.

Terms and Condition

Some terms and conditions for Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Inter-Caste Marriage Assistance Scheme have been prescribed by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and Director Scheduled Caste Welfare Department. Which are as follows.

One person from the couple entering into an inter-caste marriage must be a native of Gujarat. Such marriages have to be registered and applications for assistance under the scheme have to be made within two years of the marriage.

Parents of inter-caste marriage must be residents of Gujarat state. If a person other than a Scheduled Caste belongs to a foreign province, he must give a certificate to the effect that he is not considered an untouchable in that province or state and follows the Hindu religion.

If a widower or widow who has no children remarries, assistance will be available under this scheme. There is no limit on income.

Important Document

  • Documents related to when the applicant got divorced (if the applicant was married at the time of marriage) Event of death (if the applicant is a widower/widower at the time of marriage) Documents related to when the spouses got divorced (if the spouses were married at the time of marriage) Event of death (if the bride/groom is a widower/widow at the time of marriage) applicant’s aadhar card Caste certificate of the applicant School dropout pattern of the applicant Caste ID card of boy/girl School leaving certificate of a boy/girl
  • Proof of Residence (Any one of Electricity Bill/License/Lease Agreement/Electoral Card/Ration Card) certificate of marriage registration Copy of first page of bank passbook/canceled check (in the name of the applicant) Agreement Form to be submitted while obtaining marriage registration certificate Form to be submitted (Marriage Declaration)


To encourage the practice of inter-caste marriages. Indian society can develop and progress only when the curse of caste inequality is removed forever. The implementation of this program is a step towards achieving this goal. Such incentive schemes will encourage the young generation to take such progressive steps.

Helping young couples with money. Due to the rigidity of the caste system in India, couples who choose inter-caste marriage are generally shunned by their families. They often have to face difficulties, but with this grant these couples will no longer have to worry about facing financial constraints in the initial days.

To bring equality among all castes. The main objective of this scheme is to provide equal land to all castes. With this, the Central Government will be able to bring equality among all castes, thereby removing caste related prejudices.

Monetary grant for the couple. If selected, each couple will receive Rs. 100 from the Central Government. Will get a chance to get Rs 2,50,000/-. This grant will be given in two separate installments.

Apply Steps

  • First Read this article
  • Then check that are you able to apply for this Scheme
  • If you are able
  • Then check link
  • Which is given below
  • Login First
  • Click on Dr. Savitaben Ambedkar Yojana
  • Fill
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  • Join document
  • Forms
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